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So I’m a huge fan of TV series Once Upon A Time and I’m also a huge fan of comic More Than Meets The Eye.

Recently I’ve been re-watching the series with a family member and I’m finding it slightly amusing how much these two characters are alike. Archie Hopper (OUAT) and Rung (MTMTE).

It’s not just down to the fact they both happen to be psychiatrists but there whole personalities and demeanors are quite alike in my opinion. It’s hard for me to explain if you’ve never seen the show.

I’m now onto re-watching season 2 and all I can think is ‘OMG it’s Rung’…It’s getting slightly annoying now in an amusing way hahaha


While Archie Hopper is actually Jiminy Cricket(Nice try at trying being subtle ABC), I can totally see him being a live action Rung hologram! Yissss.